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Trees are Important

Trees are important to people especially through symbolising personal, local, community and cultural meanings.

Benefits and uses of trees range from intangible psychological and aesthetic benefits to improvement of urban climate and mitigation of air pollution. Historically the main benefits of urban trees relate to health, aesthetic and recreational benefits in industrialised cities (Tyrväinen, Pauleit, Seeland & de Vries, 2005).

The most pertinent benefits of urban trees are:

  • Shade
  • Health
  • Biodiversity – Species Diversity
  • Energy Savings
  • Water Quality

Right Tree Right Place Right Way Right Time

To maintain a healthy, vibrant and sustainable urban tree population communities should be planting a variety of tree species suitable to their climate.

Not all trees are compatible for every planting site or in every climate. Tree selection and placement are two of the most important decisions to make when planting trees. Many trees have the potential to outlive those who plant them, so the impact of this decision can last a lifetime. You often only get one chance to plant the right tree as the ability to remove and replace poorly chosen trees is difficult.

The greatest benefit is derived from healthy, structurally sound trees planted in the right place that supports their development. Planting the right tree in the right place will maximise benefit while minimising the costs.

Planting the right tree in the right location is a common theme. There are many factors to consider when selecting trees for urban forests. This has become even more complex with climate change and the adaptations required for predicted changes to growing conditions.

We have taken the right tree right place further to include the right way and the right time.

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