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Know how to safely operate a chainsaw and fell a tree

Tree felling is a high risk activity. Many fatalities and serious injuries have occurred as a result of being struck by falling trees, dislodged tree limbs or other dangers in the area. Most of these accidents are caused by using unsafe felling techniques and not following safe work procedures.

Using the resources available in store, you can read up on the latest techniques, hazard identification, safety aspects and operation of chainsaws.

The Tree Fallers Manual

The Chainsaw Operator’s Manual

To Fell a Tree

Correct Pruning Techniques

We have copies of American National Standard and the National Minimum Industry Standards for Australia and New Zealand, and other resources on pruning.


Minimum Industry Standard
MIS308 Tree Pruning


American National Standard plus Best Management Practices


Best Management Practices
Utility Pruning of Trees


An Illustrated Guide to Pruning Third Edition


Structural Pruning

Silky Saws Replacement blades

The saw blades of Silky saws are made from Authentic Premium Japanese Steel and cut out by laser. The blades are of unparalleled quality: they are very hard and longwearing, but remain flexible at the same time thanks to the metal’s soft core.

Hard and wear resistant
The chemical composition of the metal in combination with the unique heating and cooling process determine the high hardness of the metal. The high carbon content leads to a high wear resistance, so that the sharpness remains for a very long time.

Soft and flexible
By forging the saws in such a way, the core of the saw tooth consists of soft metal with which the saw stays flexible and grabs the wood with ease.

Silky Saws Zubat Replacement Blade

  • Hard chrome-plated
  • Taper-ground and impulse-hardened non-set tooth design


  • 10-2/3-inch (270 mm) blade length
  • 6.5 teeth per inch (7.5 teeth per 30 mm) teeth configuration
  • 0.26 pounds (120 grams) weight


  • 13-inch (330 mm) blade length
  • 6.5 teeth per inch (7.5 teeth per 30 mm) teeth configuration
  • 0.35 pounds (160 grams) weight
Silky Saws Gomboy Replacement Blade

  • 121-24 Gomboy 240mm
  • Blade length:- 240mm or 9.5 inches
  • Teeth per 30mm/in:-10/8.5
  • Weight:-265g