Silky Zubat Replacement Blades

The Silky Zubat range offers a standard curved saw. It is one of the most popular saws and is widely used by professionals and serious amateurs alike for the general pruning of small to large size branches.


This item: Silky Zubat Replacement Blades
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1 × MIS308 Tree Pruning

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Silky Saws Zubat Replacement Blades

Silky Zubat blades are impulse hardened on the tops of the teeth. This flash heating places a hardened case around the tip of the tooth that keeps the teeth sharp for longer. The time length is equivalent to three sharpens of a non impulse hardened blade.

For the average home gardener a blade will stay sharp for many years. For arborists and orchardists using their Zubat on a daily basis, the average replacement time is a year.

Zubat Large Tooth Blades – Teeth per 30mm/in: 7.5/6.4

Blade length: 240mm or 9.5inches
Blade length: 270mm or 10.6inches
Blade length: 300mm or 11.8 inches
Blade length: 330mm or 13 inches
Blade length: 390mm or 15.4inches

Zubat Extra Large Tooth Blades – Teeth per 30mm/in: 5.5/6.5

Blade length: 330mm or 13 inches

Zubat  Fine Tooth Blades – Teeth per 30mm/in: 10/8.5

Blade length: 330mm or 13 inches

Additional information

Weight0.15 kg
Dimensions49 × 9 × 0.05 cm
Blade Length

240mm, 270mm, 300mm, 330mm, 390mm

Blade Tooth Size

Extra Large Tooth, Fine Tooth, Large Tooth


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