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The Future is Fungi

The Future is Fungi by Michael Lim and Yun Shu 

How Fungi Can Feed Us, Heal Us, Free Us and Save Our World

The Future is Fungi is a complete introduction to the hidden kingdom of fungi. Exploring their past, present and potential future impact in four key areas – food, medicine, psychedelics and mental health, and environmental remediation – this book not only reveals how fungi have formed the foundations of modern life but how they might help shape our future.

Rich with informative texts, awe-inspiring 3D digital art and tips on how to immerse yourself in the world of fungi, this is a manifesto for the future, an invitation into a deeper awareness of our relationship with the natural world, each other, and ourselves.

Published 22 February 2022      ISBN 9781760761608     Price $49.00

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About the authors

Beginning his career building technology and consumer start ups, Sydney-born Michael Lim co-founded an online eyewear brand at the age of twenty-one, which is now one of Australia’s largest eyewear chains. However, early transformational experiences with psychedelics inspired his fascination with the fungi kingdom and prompted a career change. He now dedicates his time to researching fungi, psychedelics, ecology and anthropology. His exploration of the psyche and how nature gives rise to altered states of consciousness has led him on a path of self enquiry and integration of his shift in worldviews. Through his writing, Michael seeks to empower a deeper understanding of the human experience through art and science.

A gifted researcher, Yun Shu is dedicated to the study of consciousness and uses language and culture as tools for connection and healing. Born in Shanghai, she was exposed to the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine and fungi from a young age. After a successful career in corporate strategy in the banking sector in both Sydney and London, she turned to spiritual enquiries through Vinyasa yoga teacher training. Concurrently, her early psychedelic experiences shaped her holistic inquiry into the human experience. Now, Yun seeks to share the wisdom and knowledge she has acquired through years of practical research.

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Autumn is Fungi Season

Did you get our latest newsletter “How do you like your mushrooms?

Mushrooms for breakfast?

Or a tummy ache?
What’s for breakfast?

So I found this little Fun Guy in my garden this morning. I got excited thinking I could have mushroom with my bacon and eggs for breakfast.
Then I thought hmmmm…is it safe to eat?
Am I going to get sick, or worse?
Will I get trippy? Or merely have a nice breakfast?

I decided to play it safe (yes I’m boring) and wait until I got to the shop to see if I had a book that could help me decide whether it is edible or not. (Think Saturday breakfast instead. You never know it might have a friend by then).

Turns out, we have heaps of books! So I started reading.

I particularly like the following three books. They have amazing photos (unlike mine above which are clearly amateur to say the least) and great descriptions. So many components to a mushroom…who knew?
And the Wild Mushrooming book has recipes to make your amazing finds even more amazing.
I think my mushroom might be of the Agaricus genus, but its particular species still eludes me. Apparently I need to investigate more, looking closer at it, dissecting it, smelling it.
Sounds like a fun project after work today before deciding what’s for breakfast tomorrow.

What will you do this weekend?
Go hunting for mushrooms?
Cook up a storm for Sunday brunch with your special finds?
Maybe you need one of my awesome books first, to make sure you’re safe too.
Whatever you do, have a safe and fun time.

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