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Autumn is Fungi Season

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Mushrooms for breakfast?

Or a tummy ache?
What’s for breakfast?

So I found this little Fun Guy in my garden this morning. I got excited thinking I could have mushroom with my bacon and eggs for breakfast.
Then I thought hmmmm…is it safe to eat?
Am I going to get sick, or worse?
Will I get trippy? Or merely have a nice breakfast?

I decided to play it safe (yes I’m boring) and wait until I got to the shop to see if I had a book that could help me decide whether it is edible or not. (Think Saturday breakfast instead. You never know it might have a friend by then).

Turns out, we have heaps of books! So I started reading.

I particularly like the following three books. They have amazing photos (unlike mine above which are clearly amateur to say the least) and great descriptions. So many components to a mushroom…who knew?
And the Wild Mushrooming book has recipes to make your amazing finds even more amazing.
I think my mushroom might be of the Agaricus genus, but its particular species still eludes me. Apparently I need to investigate more, looking closer at it, dissecting it, smelling it.
Sounds like a fun project after work today before deciding what’s for breakfast tomorrow.


What will you do this weekend?
Go hunting for mushrooms?
Cook up a storm for Sunday brunch with your special finds?
Maybe you need one of my awesome books first, to make sure you’re safe too.
Whatever you do, have a safe and fun time.

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