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Let’s Get to the Root of the Problem

Introducing the AirSpade

Why use Air Excavation?

Air excavation has become a preferred method for digging on many jobs ranging from utility work to advanced tree care. Excavating with the AirSpade offers a number of advantages over conventional tools such as picks, shovels, and backhoes, including:

  • Two to three times faster than hand excavation
  • Less worker fatigue than a pick or shovel
  • Eliminates sharp metal edges as featured on picks, digging blades, or buckets
  • Harmless to buried, solid objects such as utility lines, telecommunication cables, tree roots,
  • hazardous waste containers, or military ordnance
  • Excavates some rocky soils where a shovel is difficult to use
  • Breaks soil into small particles that are ideal for re-compaction
  • Powered by common, tow-behind air compressors
 AirSpade 2000

Utilizing the power of compressed air, AirSpade
2000 uncovers underground objects, utility lines, or even sensitive tree roots without harm. Featuring the high performance, proprietary supersonic nozzle, AirSpade 2000 digs faster and more efficiently than competitive tools. Rugged, lightweight construction. Dead-man trigger ensures safe operation


  • Ergonomic, pistol-grip style handle with durable rubber grip
  • Comfortable, dead-man trigger
  • Air pressure gauge
  • Lightweight, fiberglass barrel with adjustable dirt
  • Extra-hardened, stainless steel supersonic nozzle
  • Inlet: 3/4″ FNPT


  • (1) AirSpade 2000 Handle
  • (1) 4 Ft. fiberglass barrel with dirt shield
  • (1) Stainless steel supersonic nozzle (60cfm, 105cfm, 150cfm or 225cfm)
  • (1) Storage Case
  • (1) Operations Manual
Supersonic Nozzle

Featured exclusively on AirSpade air-excavation tools, the supersonic nozzle delivers superior performance vs competitive nozzles, or open pipes. Proprietary design turns compressed air into high speed, laser like jet moving at Mach 2 twice the speed of sound. The result is faster and
more efficient excavation, uncovering underground utility lines, pipes, hazardous material containers, or even sensitive tree roots without harm. Mounts on standard AirSpade 2000 barrel.

Air Pressure Requirements

All AirSpade supersonic nozzles are designed to
operate at 90 psi in order to produce a Mach 2 air-jet. Since the vast majority of portable air compressors deliver compressed air in the 90 to
100 psi range to run standard air tools, the AirSpade is well matched to most compressors.

Storage Case

Rugged, watertight, locking storage case. Designed to hold the AirSpade 2000 and


  • HPX resin construction
  • Press and pull latches
  • Soft-grip handles
  • In-line wheels
  • Pad lockable hasps


L 55.0″ x W 16″ x H 6″

Watch a video on AirSpade

Note that a smaller nozzle may always be used on a larger capacity compressor, but not the reverse. Running a nozzle with a higher flow rating than the capacity of the compressor will result in a significant pressure drop (less than 90 psi at the nozzle) and will noticeably diminish performance.

Hudson Heavy Duty Root Feeder

The Hudson root feeder is designed specifically for subsurface pesticide applications of liquid pesticides at high pressure, placing the chemical into the feeding zone of the soil-inhabited insects.

The root feeder comes with an adjustable foot plate to make your application of fertiliser and other deep-root applicable materials easy and accurate.

Can also be used for high-pressure liquid-injection aerification.

Hudson Root Feeder

  • Chrome-plated adjustable handle and foot plate
  • Ideal for pressure root feeding from 5 to 20.5 centimetres deep
  • 2-hole tip included, other optional tips available

Tips for Heavy Duty Root Feeder

2, 3 and 4 hole tips available

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