Urban Soils Principles and Practice

Edited by Andrew W. Rate


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This item: Urban Soils Principles and Practice

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This book is designed primarily as an educational text, but it also reflects current developments in research, and provides readers with an authoritative gateway to the primary literature. It presents the importance of urban ecosystems and the impacts of global change. It examines pedogenesis of urban soils: natural materials affected by urban phenomena, and natural processes acting on urban materials, including an examination of different climatic zones. There is a focus on soils formed on landfill, reclaimed land, dredge spoils as well as soil-related changes in urban geomorphology. There is plenty of discussion on urban soil as a source and sink as well as soil geochemistry and health.

Integrates case studies and examples from Australia (highly urbanised) and China (rapidly urbanising) and elsewhere fully into the text. Examines the archaeological value of urban soils for the first time and includes environmental justice and inequity in urban areas, in a soils context.

  • ISBN: 9783030873158

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