Essentials of Soil Science

Soil Formation, Functions, Use and Classification (World Reference Base, WRB)

Authors: Winfried Blum, Peter Schad, Stephen Nortcliff

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This item: Essentials of Soil Science

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A comprehensive introduction to soil science for all those looking to understand soils, their functions and their importance.

This book is an introduction to soil science and describes the development of soils, their characteristics and their material composition as well as their functions in terrestrial and aquatic environments. Soil functions include the delivery of goods and services for human society, such as food, clean water, and the maintenance of biodiversity.

Essentials of Soil Science is illustrated with many coloured figures and tables to accompany the text and ease its understanding. Particularly, the chapter on soil classification, based on the World Reference Base for Soil Resources (WRB), includes numerous coloured pictures to facilitate understanding the characteristics of particular soil types. Chapters on soil protection and remediation as well as on soil monitoring and the history of soil sciences conclude the book together with a comprehensive alphabetical index, allowing for a quick and easy orientation about the most important terms in soil sciences.

This concise, yet comprehensive text is ideal reading for all those looking to understand soils, their functions, their importance in terrestrial and aquatic environments and their contribution to the development of human society. It will provide a valuable resource for teachers, practitioners and students of soil science, agriculture, farming, forestry, gardening, terrestrial and aquatic ecology and environmental engineering.

Paperback | December 2017
ISBN: 9781486308910 | 176 pages | 240 x 170 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing

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