Tree Risk Assessment Manual Second Edition

Authors: Julian A Dunster (principal) and E. Thomas Smiley, Nelda Matheny and Sharon Lilly.


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The practice and process of assessing trees for risk.  This new manual is a valuable tool for both the expert and novice risk assessor, and will quickly become one of the most referenced resources on your bookshelf.  As the companion publication for the Tree Risk Assessment Qualification course, the manual highlights the critical steps in the risk assessment process – from site analysis to risk evaluation and communicating risk to clients (and everything in between).

This publication can be used as a resource to study for the qualification course, as a step-by-step guide to conducting a tree risk assessment, and as a desktop reference for writing reports.  A basic tree risk assessment form is included, along with a list of common wood decay fungi, and a useful glossary of risk assessment terms.

Published 2017, softcover, 194 pages with full colour illustrations and photos

ISBN: 9781881956990

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