Tree Pests and Diseases – An Arborists’ Field Guide


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Tree Pests and Diseases – An Arborists’ Field Guide

Arborists commonly see a range of pests, diseases and disorders that affect amenity trees in the UK. This book is designed to help identify those commonly encountered, in a simple easy-to-use format.

Pests are normally considered to be living organisms that cause harm to another either through direct damage or by carrying in a disease, when they may also be described as a vector of a pathogen. A disease will cause specific signs or symptoms in the host that are detrimental to normal function.

A diagnosis of the pathogens affecting a tree will mostly result from observation of the symptoms present. Follow a methodical process to examine all aspects carefully so that no important detail is overlooked. do not jump to conclusions but continue with your process until it is complete.  If anything does not fit, repeat the process to ensure a correct results.

Author: Guy Watson
ISBN: 9780900978562


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