Suunto Optical Height Meter

Suunto clinometers are used to measure heights of trees, towers, buildings, etc.; to measure slopes for grading or preliminary surveying; and to measure vertical angles for cellular and satellite installations and more.

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This item: Suunto Optical Height Meter

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1 × Suunto Rubber Cover

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Suunto Optical Height Meter PM-5/1520 is an instrument for measuring heights, especially heights of trees, with great accuracy and speed.  The body of the instrument is corrosion-resistant anodized aluminium-alloy.  The scale card runs on a special bearing in a hermetically sealed plastic container filled with a liquid which guarantees that it runs freely and stops quickly.  The liquid will not freeze, retains full damping properties in working conditions and eliminates irritating scale vibrations.

A rubber cover is available for this instrument.  It is recommended to purchase the cover as it will help to protect the height meter.


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