MIS315 Chainsaw Operation & Tree Felling

The Minimum Industry Standards (MISs) is a series of industry peer-reviewed booklets that provide key knowledge for arboriculture and vegetation management workers.

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MIS315 Chainsaw Operation and Tree Felling contains 282 full-colour pageswith helpful illustrations that cover all of the basic underpinning knowledge necessary to work with chainsaws or conduct tree felling operations.

Produced with the generous assistance of our valued sponsors Stihl and Husqvarna, the book is filled with comprehensive diagrams of chainsaw parts and maintenance procedures.

The standard was written to record industry consensus on safe practices for chainsaw use, both on the ground and when working at height. Industry representatives discussed topics including one-handed use of top-handled saws and off-handed use of rear-handled saws, and their consensus opinion is recorded in this document.

The book also contains fully-illustrated guidance on advanced techniques including:

  • Pulling trees using mechanical advantage or mobile plant
  • Dealing with heavily side-leaning trees
  • Specialist cut sequences for side-leaning trees, large trees or trees with multiple leaders.
  • Chainsaw use whilst working at height for climbers or MEWP operators.

For any arborist involved in maintaining or operating saws or conducting tree felling, this book provides an up-to-date record of industry consensus.


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