MIS311 Stump Grinding

The Minimum Industry Standards (MISs) is a series of industry peer-reviewed booklets that provide key knowledge for arboriculture and vegetation management workers, produced by Arboriculture Australia Pty Ltd and the New Zealand Arboricultural Association in consultation with the national arboriculture community in both countries.


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The National Minimum Industry Standard for Stump Grinding in Australia and New Zealand.

MIS311 Stump Grinding provides comprehensive industry guidance on the selection, maintenance, preparation and operation of stump grinders.

Topics include stump grinder selection and maintenance, including carefully illustrated diagrams of generic maintenance procedures for most stump grinders.

Loading, unloading and transporting stump grinders is also covered in detail, along with site setup and pre-start hazard inspections.

The book also provides simple, clearly-illustrated instructions for the stump grinding process, including cut sequences for both small and larger stumps.

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