MIS307 Crane Use in Tree Work

The Minimum Industry Standards (MISs) is a series of industry peer-reviewed booklets that provide key knowledge for arboriculture and vegetation management workers.


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This item: MIS307 Crane Use in Tree Work

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The National Minimum Industry Standard for Crane Use in Tree Work in Australia and New Zealand

MIS307 Crane Use in Tree Work covers the basics of working with cranes for rigging and access during aerial tree work operations.

The document is written primarily for the use of the arborist and does not provide any instructions regarding crane operation or safety. The aim is to provide straightforward, nationally-shared procedures which will allow arborists and crane operators to work safely together on tree work sites.

The standard includes information on work planning, crane selection, set-up and dismantling strategies, along with detailed illustrations of cutting and rigging techniques.

In addition, the increasingly wide-spread adoption of the crane-access technique for dealing with compromised tree structures is discussed in detail, along with a straightforward, nationally-shared process to ensure the safety of climbers using this technique.

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