MIS303 Tree Dismantling

The Minimum Industry Standards (MISs) is a series of industry peer-reviewed booklets that provide key knowledge for arboriculture and vegetation management workers.


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This item: MIS303 Tree Dismantling

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1 × MIS301 Arborist Knots

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The National Minimum Industry Standard for Tree Dismantling in Australia and New Zealand

MIS303 Tree Dismantling covers the basics of tree dismantling, including equipment selection and inspection, rigging techniques, the use of a chainsaw in trees, and some fundamental concepts of rigging forces and rigging system design.

A wide range of rigging techniques are illustrated in the book, ranging from basic one-point rigging through to floating or running anchor systems and complex multi-point setups.

At 222 fully-illustrated, full-colour pages, the book provides a wealth of useful techniques and underpinning knowledge. Even experienced tree workers are likely to learn a few new tricks to make the next complex tree removal a bit less challenging!

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