Growing Australian Native Plants from Seed


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Until relatively recently propagation of Australian native plants has been concentrated on a narrow range of species;  including common, highly ornamental, easily grown or useful species.  However, increasing community recognition of the desperate need to protect and enhance our natural ecosystems has lead to a dramatic increase in interest in the propagation of a more diverse range of Australian native plant species, including native grasses, lilies, herbaceous and aquatic plants.

Although there remains a great deal of research to be undertaken if we are to successfully re-establish native plant communities, this book is an attempt to collate much of the available information into one reference and present it in an easily understood manner.

Whilst this book encourages the re-establishment of local native plant species, it should not be forgotten that protection and management of existing remnant vegetation should be also a high priority.

Unfortunately the protection of biodiversity still remains a low priority for government at all levels within Australia, and a large increase in resources is required to redress this sad situation.


Murray Ralph

2nd Edition





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