Dig Stick Soil Probe with Drive Cap

The ULTIMATE Soil Probe for providing a complete soil moisture picture.

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This item: Dig Stick Soil Probe with Drive Cap

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1 × Dig Stick Bag

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The Dig Stick Soil Probe or Spurr Soil Probe make what we consider to be the best heavy-duty soil probe on the market, the DIG STICK.

Forget smaller models that test only the upper soil profile.

This is the ULTIMATE Soil Probe for providing the complete soil moisture picture. The DIG STICK can be hammered into the toughest soils, and because of the unique tapered shaft can be released easily with just a twist using the handle provided. Made of solid steel and heat treated for durability, it has a high impact plastic drive cap to protect the head when being driven into hard soils. The twist bar also doubles as a core clearer for easy cleaning.

Shaft length = 1100mm

Shaft width = 30mm

Sample size = 850mm x 20mm

Soil Probe Operating Instructions


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Weight3.7 kg
Dimensions117 × 9 × 9 cm


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