BMP for Part 4 Tree Lightning Protection Systems Third Edition

ISA has developed a series of Best Management Practices (BMPs) for the purpose of interpreting tree care standards and providing guidelines of practice for arborists, tree workers, and the people who employ their services.

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The BMP describes proper installation and maintenance of lightning protection systems that can effectively prevent serious lightning damage to trees. (©2015, softcover, 41 pp.)

Topics in this BMP include:

  • Identification of Trees Needing Lightning Protection
  • Limitations of Tree Lightning Protection Systems
  • Susceptibility to Lightning Strikes
  • Lightning Protection Materials and Equipment
  • Lightning Protection System Design and Installation
  • Installation Methods
  • Lightning Protection System Maintenance
  • Lightning-Damaged Trees
  • Electrical Testing of Grown-Over Conductors
  • Testing Ground Systems
  • Glossary of Terms

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