Tall Sand Mallee Seeds (Eucalyptus eremophila)


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Native Seeds for Climate Change

Name: Tall Sand Mallee (Eucalyptus eremophila)
Height: 5-8 metres (may get taller)
Width: 3-8 metres
Description: Single or several trunked tree with ascending branches forming a rounded crown with age. Bark is smooth, shiny, dark silvery-grey to coppery. Lance shaped, dark green, shiny leaves. Flower buds in 7s, elongated operculum, masses of lemon-yellow flowers.
Usually grows on clayey soils, or sand overlying clay. Also found on skeletal soils over granite, and sand. On undulating plains, sand dunes, and hills. High drought tolerance. Moderate frost tolerance. Plant in full sun. Plant in clay, loam, and sand with acidic to neutral pH.

Approximately 40 seeds per packet.

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