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Grow What Where – was first self-published in the late 1970’s by the Australian Plant Study Group, which consisted of several keen Australian plant gardeners mainly based in Melbourne, all of whom belongs to the Society fro Growing Australian Plants. – now the Australian Plants Society. Within weeks the first edition sold out and the second edition had the same happy fate.

In addition to home gardeners, Grow What Where has been extensively used around the country by landscapers, nurserymen, councils, environmental groups and in land reclamation work. The book contains over 3000 Australian plants placed in 100 lists which are described in the section of the book titled Plant Selection. The lists provide a guide for planting in particular situations and for special purposes. Many of the lists are very large and the book gives an abbreviated selection of plants for those large listings in this section. However at the back of the book, there is the Plant List Reference which is an index of all plants in the book with the number of each list in which they occur. the full listings are given in this.

There is also a Free CD Rom with this edition. Natalie Peat, Gwenda Macdonald, Alice Talbot ISBN: 9781876473556

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