Australian Soils and Landscapes


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Australian Soils and Landscapes – This essential reference provides an introduction to the remarkable soils and landscapes of Australia. It reveals their great diversity and explains why an understanding of soil properties and landscape processes should guide our use of the land. Using striking photographs of characteristic landscapes, it begins by describing the basic properties of soils and how Australia’s distinctive soils and landscapes have co-evolved. We gain a greater understanding of why particular soils occur at certain locations and how soil variation can influence landscape processes, agricultural productivity and ecosystem function.

The book explains the impact of various forms of land use and the changes they can bring about in soil. Uses striking colour photographs and drawings of soil profiles to illustrate landscape characteristics This is followed by an invaluable compendium that describes and illustrates over 100 of the more important and widespread soils of Australia, along with their associated landscapes. There is a brief account of each soil’s environment, usage and qualities as well as details on chemical and physical properties so we can make more informed decisions about appropriate land-use.

Authors: NJ McKenzie, D Jacquier, RF Isbell, K Brown
ISBN: 9780643069589
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