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American National Standard for Tree Care Operations – Tree, Shrub, and Other Woody Plant Management – Standard Practices (Management of Trees and Shrubs During Site Planning, Site Development, and Construction)

The ANSI standards represent the industry criteria for performing tree care operations. The standards can be used for general familiarity with professional requirements, as well as for preparation of tree care contract specifications.

(©2012, softcover, 21 pp.)

This A300 Part 5 standard addresses the following items relating to the conservation of trees and woody shrubs during construction and development activities:

  • Project planning phase
  • Tree resource evaluation
  • Project design phase
  • Tree conservation
  • Pre-construction phase
  • Construction phase
  • Landscape phase
  • Post construction phase
  • Tree protection practices prior to and during demolition, construction, and
  • landscaping
  • Implementation of tree conservation recommendations
  • Use of Barriers
  • Demolition
  • Disposal of building waste
  • Fill soil (grade change)
  • Excavation/Trenching
  • Utilities
  • Pavement
  • Management report information (Annex)


With population growth and the changing needs of people, the construction of new or renovation of existing buildings, roads, parking lots, and other structures is a necessity.  In many areas, this construction requires the removal of trees and shrubs to provide space for the structure.  In addition, there are usually trees on the site that can either be removed or retained depending on the building location and access.  Builders who lack environmental concern, underestimate the value of mature trees, or look only at short term costs, often remove all of the trees to make their construction job easier.  Others who are concerned with the environment and are aware of the economical and social value of mature trees, or those restricted by government regulation will try to conserve trees on the site.

Conservation is the process of selecting trees, forest stands, shrubs and understory growth for protection during development.  It is not necessarily the preservation of all trees on the site, but is the thoughtful process of selecting certain trees for protection and removing trees that cannot, or should not, be preserved.

Tree retention is not the same as tree preservation.  When trees are retained on a construction site without necessary protection, the likelihood of their long-term survival is often very low.  BMP Managing Trees During Construction discusses these concerns

Authors Kelby Fite and E. Thomas Smiley

ISBN: 1881956679

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