Yellow Bloodwood Seeds (Corymbia eximia)

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This item: Yellow Bloodwood Seeds (Corymbia eximia)

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Native Seeds for Climate Change

Name: Yellow Bloodwood (Corymbia eximia)
Height: 8-12 metres
Width: 4-8 metres
Description: Narrow-domed to rounded tree. Canopy provides dense shade. Flaky, patchy yellow-brown rough bark. Thick curved, broad lanceolate leaves. Profuse white terminal flowers for short period in early spring. Fruit are thick, and urn shaped.
Adapts to a range of climatic conditions and soils, including heavy clays and on poor, gravelly or sandy soils. Grows on broad flat-topped ridges and steep, upper slopes of valleys. Found on sandy, often shallow soils derived from sandstone. High drought tolerance; moderate to high tolerance of temporary inundation.

Approximately 70 seeds per gram.

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