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This book, a revised edition of the successful 2012 publication, describes a practical and precise method for estimating the health of urban trees. It is practical because the field observations are clearly defined and quickly recorded. And it is precise because different observers will arrive most of the time at the same conclusions. The text is laid out in expanded outline form and is accompanied by 54 high-quality images with detailed captions. The format is designed to provide a clear understanding of the method and purpose to a wide audience of persons interested in urban trees: arborists, consultants, researchers, educators, tree managers and volunteers. Ultimately, a standard rating system of urban tree health will further the pursuit of a high quality of life in our communities.

Tree health is a priority for arborists, tree managers, and homeowners alike. Yet a standard method of estimating and reporting it has been lacking. Urban Tree Health – A Practical and Precise Estimation Method addresses that problem by laying out a robust method for everyday field work, building on existing published research, as detailed in the references section. Appendices and footnotes are also included.

ISBN: 9780578770505

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