Seeds Kangaroo Paw ANIGOZANTHOS flavidus (green-yellow)

Clumping perennial herb with strappy leaves that can be up to 1m long. The green-yellow flowers on long upright stalks are tubular and bird-attracting.

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Tall Kangaroo Paw

Approx. 100 seeds per packet. Smoke treatment recommended. Grows in a variety of soil types and tolerates wet areas. Can be pruned after flowering to encourage new growth.

Flowering occurs from November to February, creating a colourful summer display when little else in the garden flowers. The inflorescence is produced on a flowering scape from the centre of the leaf fan. One plant may produce up to ten stems, with total flower production reaching up to 350 per plant.

Anigozanthos flavidus is adaptable to most soil types, from sandy to clay, and will even grow partly immersed, tolerating wet feet. It is less prone to the fungal attacks other kangaroo paws suffer, such as ink spot disease or rust. If it does develop ink spot disease, obvious by black spots on the leaf caused by the various strains of the fungus Alternaria alternata, the leaves can be cut down to ground level with removed material disposed of. The plant is very hardy and tolerant and will recover well from this treatment. To avoid further outbreaks of ink spot disease simply avoid overhead watering of the plant, keeping the leaves dry.

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