ANIGOZANTHOS humilis (yellow/orange/red fls)

Strappy leaved herb, 0.1-1m high with yellow-orange-red tubular flowers.

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This item: ANIGOZANTHOS humilis (yellow/orange/red fls)

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Kangaroo Paw – also known as Quoll’s Paw/Cat’s Paw

Approx. 2100 seeds per gram. Smoke treatment recommended. Grows in a variety of soil types. Tolerates coastal conditions.

In cultivation it requires a well drained, sunny position. If well watered it may retain its foliage after flowering but it can die back to the underground rhizome. In this case it should not be assumed that the plant has died as it may regenerate in autumn, particularly if watered. Fertilising with a low-phosphorus, slow-release fertiliser after flowering is beneficial.

A.humilis can be grown from seed without any pretreatment. The species can also be propagated by division of the clump, usually after flowering and only if the plant appears vigorous. Divisions should be potted into suitably sized containers and placed in a protected position until new growth has developed.

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