Tree Climbers’ Guide

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Tree Climbers’ Guide€ – 3rd Edition – a reference and training guide for professional tree climbers.

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Tree Climbers’ Guide€ – 3rd Edition

A reference and training guide for professional tree climbers.

Trees have several basic needs, including sunlight, air, water, essential minerals, and adequate growing space above and below ground.  When all of these fundamental needs are fulfilled, a tree can survive, grow, and flourish.  If any of these is lacking, the tree will suffer and perhaps die.  Tree climbers should understand the fundamental principles of tree biology to better understand tree health and the stress factors that affect it.

Climbing a hazardous tree can pose a threat not only to the clibmer, but also to all others in the area.  Tree climbers should inspect the tree and identify potential hazrds prior to climbing and commencing work.  Knowing how to identify signs of potential hazards is a critical component of the inspection process.

This book will take the reader through Tree Health and Sciences, Safety, Ropes and Knots, Climbing and pruning.

ISBN: 9781881956488

Author: Sharon Lilly

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